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Finale Ligure MTB the Mecca Of Mountain Bike

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Finale Ligure in the past was a famous destination for climbing, since 2013 however after it was first chosen for the "superenduro" a MTB Enduro race, Finale has attracted more and more visitors from all over the world.

Enduro world series in finale ligure

It has developed a huge trail network over the years, with more than 220 trails, incorporating nearby towns such as Pietra Ligure, Varigotti, Spotorno, Castel Vecchio etc to give more and more choices to Bikers.

Local businesses have also adapted as a result, now you can find multiple stores for all needs, bike repair shops and authorized MTB dealers of all kinds, especially in the old village Final Borgo and neighboring areas.

A number of companies have also developed services related to bike transport directly on the trails, the first was Finale Freeride still operating in the sector, now however you can also find Finale Express and both start from the same place, near the Finale Outdoor Region Base in via per gorra 10. (where we are also).

At this address you will find in the part behind the main building the MTB Guides, where you can book a tour tailored to your needs and abilities.

But why is Finale considered a perfect destination for enduro MTB riding?

Well first of all Finale is one of the few places in the world where the trails start in the mountains and go straight to the sea, plus in few other places in the world you can find a trail network that boasts over 220 trails, and the great thing is that it's all free! Finale is NOT like a bike park, there is no ticket to pay to access the trails, even the single shuttle ride is not mandatory, if you want to ride 1000 meters to reach the trails you are free to do so.

Taking a guide is also not compulsory but highly recommended especially for first time or novice riders, as mentioned Finale is not like a bike park that the trails are well marked and you can see the difficulty before entering the trail, instead in most cases there is no sign at the beginning of the trail, so you have to look at the information on some app or map, but designing a perfect tour relying only on an app is not always a good idea.

Instead you can talk to a Local guide about your previous MTB experience, what kind of tour you have in mind and the guide will think up a perfect tour for your abilities and explain how the Finale area works for the next few days.

If you want more information about Finale and a possible MTB tour here you can contact us here:


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